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In general the phrase “role playing” refers to the act of assuming a characters role in a game, and acting as that character using whatever media happens to be available. This can be in a board game using a die cast figure, in a graphical world with a visual avatar, or in a virtual situation, using a narrative to describe the character and his situation. The goal is to interact with other players, controlling and assuming other characters, in order to tell a story.When using visual avatars such as in world of war craft, or even with table top die cast miniatures, you are often relying on tools to help tell the story. Dice, computer algorithms, and companion guides all set the rules of the world, and guide the adventure. The reason for this is that these are games, they have goals, the players can win or lose, but in the end it’s a contest of decision making mixed with skill, which pits the characters against the world at large. While a story is told, it’s often someone else’s story, or a variation on a theme.

In narrative chat room role playing, things are a little different. There is no world created for you, there are no visual depictions of your character. In social networking applications there may be a place to create a profile, but the character you create won’t be based on some predetermined set of characteristics. There are no rolls to determine skills, and no real limit to the nature or ability of your character.Instead restrictions on the abilities of your character are imposed by the society at large. It’s the community which tells you what is, and is not possible. There are no numeric values to determine what can happen; instead it is the ability and desire of the community to suspend their disbelief at any actions you assume your character should take.Take for instance a character that writes about a million evil goblins descending on the main stage of action and trying to kill everyone. The action is only possible, if the others playing acknowledge this. If instead they fail to play along, the attack will generate into a single madman screaming in vain into the wind.

The reason for this is that the entire virtual world is generated purely on words and imagination. Those that can evoke the imaginations of others are the ones who will be successful in leading the community. Those that do not will often be ignored.It is an entirely unique form of democratic storytelling, in which the decisions of plot are generated by all, and decided upon en mass. It is yet to be seen whether the nature of the stories outcome will benefit from the nature of the process.

Role Playing – A Guide to Take Your Sexual Life to the Next Level | Role Playing Games

Everyday sex is like our staple food. But don’t most of us have fast food in a while? Does that mean looking at another partner for sex once in a while? No. Then what could be the implied meaning of fast food here? Every day love making for sure gets monotonous if not boring over a period. Now that you have tried almost all the positions that you wanted to and have had enough of them, what next? Try Role-playing!Definition wise, role playing is a technique that requires you to enact a fantasy character along with your partner, behave as that character would in bed and culminate the love making being in the character only. This technique is used to stir up the close-to-death physical relationships. It infuses a new spark in the relationship as it allows you to live your fantasies and also gives a good break from the monotony. It does not get boring as there are number of characters that you can play are numerous. The challenge and excitement of getting into the shoes of a new character is a mind occupying activity and sustains the interest on two different levels – mental & sexual.But before you get going, read through some important stuff:Decipher PurposeBefore you think of role-playing to spite it up under the sheet, you should be very clear about why are you trying it and what kind of results are you looking forward too. This is a very good way to kill the repetitive nature in your lovemaking style, but at the same time, it might just backfire and not give you the kind of results that you are looking for. The technique might fail for a number of reasons. So just be careful about what you expect from this new interesting style and then march ahead to the next step.Partner’s Comfort
You need to make sure of your partner’s readiness for the act. To make it a successful attempt to rekindle the once-upon-a-time magic in your sex life, it is very important that both the partner’s are absolutely comfortable with the idea of role playing as well as the individual theme chosen. Not everyone is readily game for role-playing. Many people think of it as unnatural, while others might have apprehensions or sheer discomfort playing someone else in an intimate relationship. Check with your partner if he or she likes the idea and would like to proceed with it. If there are any apprehensions or doubts, wait till all of them are settled.Choose the theme
Once the above two things are settled, the next step is to list down at least 3 of your fantasies. Both of the partner’s should write their own ideas, and then discuss them to decide on the one that goes well with both. In case you haven’t really thought of anything ever you can also have a look at the popular thematic characters that have been tried and tested by many couples for successful results. Some the common day roles are:Doctor & Nurse
Boss & Secretary
Sexy cop & her Catch
Vampire & his preyThere are many more themes that you can choose from, apart from the listed six.Dressing Right
After the theme is decided it is very important to pick up the right kind of clothes that make it seem real time. Do not pick up funny clothes as it may spoil the mood completely. You can rent the clothes and add accessories of your own, so that it doesn’t cost much to your pocket and looks real too.Catch The Character
Don not laugh giggle or make it funny! It is very important to get into the skin of the character and play your role with complete honestly. Only then the technique is going to work. Be the perfect mix of what your partner wants you to be and the character. Be rough, mad, pervert, aggressive, cheeky, bossy or compromising as per the demands of the character.Do not leave the Character
Do not be yourself till you are asleep. Don’t just let role-playing be a stimulating exercise and wait for the act to finish. Do it willingly and be the character till you guys are deep into the dream world.Take Cues, Be Sensitive!
Role-playing technique requires you to play a lot of characters that are not loving or kind. While enacting your part, do not forget to always be sensitive to the cues your partner gives you. At any point during the act, he or she might not be comfortable or might be getting hurt. Be sensitive to these things, as they tend to spoil all the fun of the act. Remember the purpose of the act at such times. It is to make lovemaking a spicier and happier experience, and not to hurt or overpower each other.If you want your intimacy to raise itself a level upwards, just spice it with role-playing and share your experiences with sex education for sure!Catch The Character